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About Me:

Hey there! I am an italian guy who loves tinkering with Raspberry Pi and 8-bit microcontrollers. I also own a Prusa i3 3D printer. I’m currently studying automation engineering at Politecnico di Milano. I write code when I’m bored. Computer vision is my bae

Age: 20

Programming languages: C, C++ (<3), Qt QML (for BlackBerry Native), AVR assembly, Python, Wolfram, Matlab, VB .NET. I hate designing UIs, websites and stuff like that. I only love to make it work, not to make it beautiful (That’s why this site is an adaptation of Micah Cowell’s basic theme). I also hate Java.

Fav films: Star Trek (not the new ones), Star Wars (not the new ones), The Lord of the Rings, Apocalypse Now, Back to the Future, Blade Runner.

Fav artists: Daft Punk, M83, Lana del Rey, Enya, The Strokes, MGMT, sometimes Ellie Goulding.

Fav writers: Tolkien, Asimov, many others whose i can only remember their books. Joyce too

Games: League of Legends, Borderlands, Ratchet saga, SWTOR, Final Fantasy (<3).


Fav graphic engine: I’VE JUST TOLD U I HATE THOS FUC ******