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Install Nasa Night Launch theme in Firefox 47 48 49 50

I’ve recently updated Firefox to version 47, but the theme I use, Nasa Night Launch, has’t been updated since version 45, and it has become incompatible. As I want to keep using it while waiting for an update, I’ve used a workaround to forcibly install the old FF 45 version (there might be some bugs but I don’t really care), here is how you do this:

  • Download the FF 45 version from the NNL official website
  • Open the file with any sort of zip/rar archiver
  • Extract the file install.rdf and open it with a text editor
  • Find the line


    and change 45 to 47 (or whatever version you’re using). Save it and replace the old file in the acrhive with the updated one

  • Now open theme.jar with the archiver, you’ll find another file named install.rdf, do the same steps as before
  • Close the archiver and open the theme file with Firefox, allow the theme to be installed
  • Enable the theme and enjoy!